Keepsake Memory Dolls

Keepsake Memory Dolls


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Give a special gift to any child by giving them one of our keepsake memory dolls. These dolls are a unique gift and are lovingly made by incorporating a piece of clothing into a doll's outfit. These dolls allow children to keep their loved ones close by at all times or help a parent preserve a sentimental piece of clothing that will last forever.

"Even though we can't hold Bayler again, to have this that we can hold in place of him creates a special connection to him. It means more than words can say." - Bayler's Mom

We understand how valuable your piece of clothing is to you, so we promise to take the utmost care of it. After purchasing your doll, customers will receive an e-mail with instructions of where to send the article of clothing, along with a form that enables you to choose the details pertaining to our boy and girl dolls. The piece of clothing needs to be at least 5x5". 

Dolls may take up to 4 weeks to be completed.