Thank you for Being so N"ice" Printable

Have you ever wanted to drop by a friend's house but didn't want to show up empty handed?
I know I have. 
I'm excited to share our new Free Printable series.
We want to make it easy for everyone to serve others no matter their circumstances. So every month we will be sending out a new free printable in our monthly newsletter to make gifting and serving easier.
So lets start with July! 
Free Nice Dink Printable
Summer is here and so is the heat!  We wanted to create a free printable to help you and a friend beat the heat. 
Have you tried any ICE drinks? The lemonade flavor is my absolute favorite! 
This cute printable makes dropping by a friend's easy. Just grab some paper and twine and you're all set!
Click here to download the free printable to go along with any Ice drink. 
Happy Gifting! 
If you'd like easy access to future printables, make sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the site.

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