Random Acts of Kindness

This morning as my eyes were glued to the TV screen, learning what had happened in Vegas last night, my six year old quietly asked me what had happened? I wasn't thrilled that I hadn't heard him come up stairs, but I quickly turned off the TV and explained that someone had shot a lot of people. On the way to school, he asked me why someone would do that? I told him I didn't know but it made me sad for everyone involved.

On the drive home, I realized one of the most important things I could do as his mom was teach him to love others. It might not seem like much, but I've planned to take my kids and perform random acts of kindness for strangers this week. I hope to teach my kids that despite the evil that exists in our world, goodness will always win. I hope they'll choose to be on the winning side.

I invite you to join us. Think of all the good we could spread across this world if everyone passed on just one kind deed.

Feel free to download six printable cards to leave along with your act of kindness. Please tag us with #livepresentlee so we can see the goodness that we are spreading together! 

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