Igniting A Movement

Over the last ten years, society has changed in a drastic way. Technology now rules our world and plays a big role in each of our lives. From social media to Netflix, you can find young and old staring at a device nearly everywhere you go. I'll be the first to admit that I easily get sucked in at times, and have to make a conscious effort to put my phone down or out of reach every single day.

Though many of us connect with friends and family on our social media platform of choice, we tend to experience less face to face interaction. Over the past few years I've come to realize it's difficult to pick up on when someone we know is struggling over social media because it's far too easy to hide behind carefully written posts. As I've seen more of this happening, it has left me thinking, what are we missing while conversing online?

We're missing the little clues, the person's body language, the tired eyes, the tone of their voice in conversations that aren't happening anymore. And when we miss out on these clues, we leave our friends and family to battle their demons by themselves. As I've witnessed more and more heartbreak from people feeling alone in their darkest hour, I've had a desire to use social media for good, and help people become more aware of those around them.

Our goal here at Presentlee is to encourage each of us to be the spark that reignites one's hope. We hope to create a community that will bring people together, because it's simply amazing what we as human beings can accomplish when we feel like we have support. 

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