Sept. 2020 - Free Printable - A night without dishes to do

Happy September! 

paper products printable

This month's printable is super simple and yet, I love it! When I receive emails asking for ideas on how to help others, I always tell them to think about the daily tasks the person has to do each day and then try to eliminate one of them. That's how I truly believe you lighten someone's load.

So let's start with dishes! I know I have to wash mine multiple times a day. And just after experiencing a power outage for four days I was so grateful for paper plates in our cupboard.

Head to your favorite store and pick up a big stack of paper products and add this cute printable to make it a great gift. I often wrap the paper products in clear cello wrapping paper and tie it with some cute ribbon at the top to keep all the paper products together. 

paper products printable

Click here to download and print this free printable. Happy gifting! 

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